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coming soon...

Enjoy these pictures of our Wine creation process

Tim Sr. dumping a crate of grapes into the grinder/de-stemmer. These are two of the
newly-purchased barrels.

The crates in which the grapes are shipped.

~ Click on the smaller images (above & below) for their full-size view ~


Some of the family
enjoying in the festivities

The grinder/de-stemmer and the plastic vats in which the wine will ferment.

The cellar before this year's production.

Full size images of the wine-making process:
A picture of the grinding process. A picture of the grape juice separator. A picture of a group of producers during the cleanup process.
A picture of the bottler An earlier photo of the wine master draining the barrel.  The process is no longer performed in this manner.


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Updated 26 December 2006